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Bee Hive
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Step One

Make a booking by calling us on 0800 118 2071 and choosing a time & day of your choice. Provide as much information about the problem as possible.

Step Two

A pest control specialist will inspect your home/garden and suggest the most suitable action to take. With your permission, we will apply the most efficient treatment based on the infestation.

Step One
Step Three

Step Three

Because we cannot control nature, our work is not always guarenteed to work the first time round. If required, a follow up service can be booked by calling us on 0800 118 2071 and quoting you name and postcode.

Wasp Nest Removal

Once you have discovered a bees or wasp nest at your property, its best to contact us quickly to resolve this issue. Don’t attempt to touch it or dispose of it yourself as their unpredictable behaviour can cause even more issues such as bees or wasps in and around your home. Our pest controllers will determine what the best options are (for you and the bees) and will safely take care of the nest for you.

With years of experience, all our pest controllers are BPCA or RSPH Certified and fully trained to resolve your pest issues Safely, Quickly and Discreetly. Our highly trained and reliable engineers always know what to do in any situation involving pests, from inspection and treatment, to removal and future deterrent. ERG Pest Control can assist you to swiftly to allow you to return to your routine quickly and hassle free.

We know the discovery of a pest issue can be daunting, whether in your home or business, that is why we pride ourselves in providing a professional, courteous and efficient service with our team are here to offer advice on prevention and control of pests. Our operatives are always on hand to assist you quickly and efficiently, so call us now to end your pest problem today!

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