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ERG Pest Control For Rochdale

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ERG Wasps & Bees

Wasps & Bees

Wasps and Bees build nests in many places. Unfortunately, one of those places can be your home, and as bees and wasps are unpredictable, it is scary to attempt to go near a nest in case they come out and swarm all over the place. Call now to get an expert to clear away these pests, and to feel safe in your home again.

ERG Rodent Removal


Rodents will gnaw on anything, whether its food, or a piece of wood in your home, it is annoying and can cause damage and potentially spread diseases. If you hear scratching anywhere in your home, find rat droppings, or find the rat itself, it’s best to get it taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further issues.

ERG Cockroaches


Finding a cockroach can be very distressing, finding loads of them makes matters worse. They spread diseases, eat your food and can survive a lot of damage… except a pest controllers sent by us, who will clear all the cockroaches away without leaving a mess or any risk of diseases.

ERG Ants

Bird Proofing

Birds can be a nuisance to properties both Domestic and Commercial, and can effect some business operations such as those who provide external seating and areas. Birds can potentially carry and spread diseases as well as their droppings adding to cleaning costs of your property and business premises.

ERG Fleas


Fleas are always nasty to find, because they can give you and your beloved pets rashes and bites. All they want is to leech off blood and will search for humans and animals to do so. Once you find fleas, its best to get professional help to find the source of fleas before they reproduce and spread even quicker, as they lay lots of eggs.

ERG Flies


Flies can potentially carry diseases. Because of this, they could be a health risk to humans and pets. At times, an infestation may break out and it can get in the way of your every day life. They can bite you and leave you with itch and bites, they sit on your food and could potentially transmit diseases, so its best to seek professional help to end the infestation once and for all.

Why Use ERG Pest Control

Why use our Pest Control call out service?

When it comes to pest issues, the quicker the pests are gone, the better. We can help in getting your pest problems treated and removed fast and effectively. With a fast response, fast call out service, we can help you with a hassle free solution to making your home or commercial property pest free, and also help to deter any future pest threats.

With our vast Pest Control network covering the whole of the UK, we source BPCA or RSPH Certified pest engineers from our Southend head office via sub-contracting. Providing Pest Controllers who are fully trained to resolve your pest issues Safely, Quickly and Discreetly. With highly trained and reliable engineers who always know what to do in any situation involving pests, from inspection and treatment, to removal and future deterrent. ERG Pest Control can assist you in swiftly returning to your routine quickly and hassle free.

We know the discovery of a pest issue can be daunting, whether in your home or business, that is why we pride ourselves in providing a professional, courteous and efficient service with our team are here to offer advice on prevention and control of pests. Our operatives are always on hand to assist you quickly and efficiently, so call us now to end your pest problem today!

The Pest Controllers we provide can carry out a detailed inspection of your property to find the best possible treatment for a pest-free environment in the safest way possible, and to ensure there are no risks to your health, or to your property. We also offer a no call out fee charge on completed works.

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Don’t leave infestations untreated!

What ever the pest, we will help eliminate it!

At ERG Pest Control, we are dedicated in bringing you the highest standard and quality. Whether there is the need to inspect a possible pest infestation, or conduct a property treatment and removal. Working quickly and efficiently at the lowest possible price, minimising any damage and stress with our fully discreet pest control service.

As experts with years of experience in pest control solutions, we here at ERG Pest Control help specialise in all elements of pests from ants, moths, wasps and bees, to bed bugs and rodent infestations, saving you from any stress or issues.


The presence of rats or mice, their droppings and urine within the premises could potentially pose an immediate health risk of contracting diseases.

Property Damage

Untreated Pest infestations could cause serious structural damage with chewing through wiring, timber, pipes and brickwork. In some cases rodents have caused deadly fires.

Further Infestation

If nests are left untreated, it could potentially lead to further damage and an increased number in the pests, making it harder to treat, control & further deter the problem.

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